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Ideas for Floatplane

I've been thinking of some ideas for Floatplane, and I think it's safe to say that everyone knows YouTube is going down a horrible path. Competing with YouTube as a smaller platform that requires a subscription is going to be HARD, but I was thinking that maybe they could allow content creators (like PewDiePie and Mumkey Jones) to upload their content on there. Getting PewDiePie to start uploading his content on there would be massive as he could advertise the platform to a much larger audience and get people outside of the tech community onto the platform. It could also provide good advertisement of the LTT channel.


I suggest trying to get as many big creators to start uploading on it, PewDiePie and Mumkey were examples. Mumkey Jones just recently had both of his channels terminated due to his dark humor, and everyone knows that YouTube hates PewDiePie.

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and who are going to pay those guys? us?

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2 hours ago, Jyrone said:

dark humor,

So he gets banned for being offensive and you want us to just... let him be offensive here too? 


2 hours ago, Jyrone said:

YouTube hates PewDiePie.

His sub count says otherwise

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But floatplane is not competing with youtube or even aimed at competing with youtube. It's a complementary thing.  Floatplane is more like Patreon than youtube. 

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FloatPlane was designed to fill the void left behind by vessel, just fyi. There was no intent to compete with YouTube, both Linus and Luke has pointed this out.


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Hope I'm contributing in the correct place. I too have an idea for Floatplane's team.


Go learn about network effects. For this to work well you need scale. To scale you need network effects.


Check this out:




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Let the animation teams join.


People like Jaidenanimations and the odd1sout. 


When you can, because, floatplane is flying just yet. Its pretty much doing ground effect flying

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