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ROM's and frp


hey guys, to make it simple : does installing a custom ROM (lineage in this case) helps in any way to get through frp ?

reason I ask is because I've got a few phones that are protected by frp, and I don't have the email adress and password needed to unlock them, and am hoping it would change something.

(for those who don't care why I ask, you can just answer to that, otherwise, here's some context: )



My mother runs a non-profit profit organisation that takes old "broken" phones, and refurbishes them to then give them to refugees here in Belgium.

Essentially, what she does is get phones that have been declared broken by banks and other companies (or privates) and fixes them.

In most cases these "broken" phones have just a crack on the screen but are still totaly useable, but sometimes they need some surgery, screen replacement, or battery exchange.

our biggest problem though, is frp, google's factory reset protection, reason for that is that the phones we get are reset as the owner gives the phone back to the company that gave him said phone, and more often than not, the ex-owner does not remove his google account from the phone, making so that it gets basically impossible to get back access to said phone.


if custom ROM's can get us through frp though, it would be a big help, and make our work so much easier


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