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Thankyou Linus


Hello everyone, I'm a recently subscribed Brit who may or not be in my late forties, I grew up not knowing much about computers so as I left school I decided to embrace technology and jump right into computing and more importantly computer building, so from the ages of about between 17 to around 21 I lived and breathed components and used to really enjoy tinkering problem solving and basking in the glory of when you finally finish a build push start and it actually working. 


So what went wrong.. Well I settled down found the lady of my life and had four kids ? but basically left computing behind and went into management... Biggg mistake. 


So around a month ago I came across LTT and it was like a memory lightning bolt going off from the awesome new tech surrounding computing to Linus continuously taking me down memory lane and... Well it got me back into it, I'm now building computers again and I'm amazed at much easier it is these days to actually build computers, I mean heck I started with 386's running at 25mhz and had to install math Co processors ? and a 16mb yes MB cost around £300.


So basically this is a massive huge big thankyou to Linus and everyone at LTT for opening my eyes again and giving me new meaning and excitement to my life. 



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