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Weird display driver issue


Backstory: A few months ago, I upgraded my main system. I took the mobo, cpu, and ram out in one piece. I am now trying to use those main components to make a new system for a friend for Christmas.


I took the working core components, cleared the CMOS (I had an overclock that was NOT going to work on the stock Intel cooler), and put it in a new case with a new power supply and SSD. I installed Windows 10, and it started freezing just after getting to the desktop. I eventually figured out that it was caused by it trying to install a display driver. If I booted into safe mode and reverted to Microsoft Basic Display Driver, it worked fine, except some of the power saving features didn't work. I thought the install was slightly corrupted, so I reinstalled windows: same problem. I thought maybe my overclock somehow broke the intel iGPU, so I disabled the iGPU and installed an old Quadro from another system, and when windows automatically found and installed a driver, the system froze again. This seemed like a windows software problem, so before I contacted Microsoft support, I wanted to confirm windows was the issue. I booted a live USB of Ubuntu, but it froze on startup, presumably from trying to install a display driver. This happened with both the iGPU and a different (slightly newer) card.



Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK rev. 1.0  Bios: F8 (newest)

CPU: i5-4690K

RAM: HyperX 8Gb 1600


PSU: Corsair VS400

OS(s): Windows 10 Home, Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 8

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