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Updating Rig and No Post but Fans run and motherboard is Lit


Hello Everyone,


I'll try to be as descriptive as I can with the situation I am going through right now.


My previous rig about a week ago has been the same rig I have been working with for the past 2-3 years. That rig was running:

NZXT Phantom Case FULL size case

Intel Core i5 4670k

Maximus VI Formula Motherboard

GTX 970

4x4gb Hyperx Fury RAM

Corsair CX500

2 x 250GB SSD Samsung 850 EVO

2 TB HDD Seagate? Not sure


I then bought a few parts to upgrade my pc RIG. The new parts that I purchased were:
GTX 1080ti

thermaltake 850W 80+ Gold PSU

NZXT h500i

(thinking about getting an AIO or just another CPU cooler tomorrow because my hyper 212 cooler is missing one of the corners of the cooler and that's probably really unsafe)


This is the second time that I have put together a PC on my own and the second time around was worse than my first since I was a bity rusty on what to do and where to put what. I watched a person on youtube put together a build with this motherboard so I could get an idea if I was doing things correctly. It seems everything was great and the build looked pretty good. Then I plugged in the rig and tried to boot it up. The PC had started up with all the fans except two fans (one of the front fans that I had plugged into one of the motherboard fan (input?) for the motherboard and the fan for the CPU cooler weren't working. Those two fans were the same fans that I transferred over from my old rig to the new rig. The GPU seemed fine but the fans weren't running so I wouldn't be able to tell. So everything seems to be working fine but nothing was showing up on my monitor. It seemed like it wasn't even responding to the fact that my comptuer booted. I then proceeded to try most of the problem shooting that are on most forums and still no luck. Same result every time. ( I realize the one thing I haven't tried was plugging in the monitor to my motherboard. I will try this tomorrow) I am now trying to take it apart and start from the beginning again with the build and see if that works tomorrow.


As a side note my pc was working perfectly fine a week ago with the previous rig until I put together this new one.


Please post any comments or suggestions on what you all might think. I'm gonna keep trying different methods as there are a lot of different methods to trouble shoot, so I will continue tomorrow since it is late for me now. Hope this was enough information. If there are any more I should include please let me know. Thank you!


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