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Need some advice for upgrades


Right, so as the title states, i am in the process of wanting to upgrade my PC, it will be used primarily for gaming, but streaming is an option. 


Currently i have:

An X99A RAIDER motherboard

64GB DDR4 ram

a i7-6900k Cpu.

2x GTX 1080 GPU's (yes i know 2 was stupid now.)


For storage i use a 500gb SSD and a 3TB HDD.

Could go for one of those new ssd cards that plug directly into the motherboard as well for more high speed storage (if your suggestions have that).

to run it all i use a 1200w PSU that to be fair needs no changes as it works fine and is modular.


the case has lots of room and air flow, so no need to worry about that either.


It might be worth saying one of my two monitors (the one i use for games) is 2560x1440 (and g-sync) if that helps.


I will be honest, i lack the knowledge necessary to pick out good parts, especially motherboards with all the options there are, so help would be appreciated.

Budget it also not too much of a bother, so feel free to throw out suggestions.


Thanks in Advance!

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You already have a good rig but I see you wanna push the limit. RTX 2080ti would be my first choice. 

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Sorry about the late reply, was busy yesterday.


So right, RTX 2080 TI, was looking at getting one if it was on sale, i mean, even if my budget is not an issue,  it is a fairly expensive part.

But then comes other questions like which version, is there a difference in clock speeds or something between the different types?


Also, i was looking around a bit, is it worth upgrading my processor for something like a 9700k?I would of course have to get a motherboard with an updated chipset, but per core performance is a problem in certain games that don't multi thread properly or at all.

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