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The EZ-Clutch Theory (Beer_Nontitju, 2018)



This nice Saturday morning (here in Europe), I watched this video - I mean woah, those are some mad clutches !

I wondered if any regularity could be extricated out of those videos. Also, playing a lot of FPS games myself, in my completely anecdotal experience totally stained of confirmation bias - I noticed that when a team outnumbers another it goes into some kind of condition which I call the "retard mode". Additionally, we know CS:GO clips like to talk in terms of IQ (e.g 200 IQ play !) - is it coincidence, is it just heuristics, or is there some kind of core of truth behind this?
This article will talk about how intelligence decreases proportionally to the "outnumbering".





Here's the formula I developed for my EZ-clutch theory


It's quite simple really: The In-Game IQ of one person of the team that outnumbers the other is equals to the Total IQ of the team that is outnumbered divided by the number of players in the outnumbering team.

For example: If Josh who has 100 IQ is the sole survivor of his team and faces 4 players then: 100/4 = 25 IQ per player in the opposing team


This theory is clearly a spoof. But I wanted it to be written down somewhere - and what other place than the LTT Forums for such an educational post. It's not like it did not met the standards of Science Direct or anything.
I mean, you guys can even develop the theory even further if you want - that would be fun. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think !

Have a nice week-end everyone!

RGB & Fan control ULTIMATE GUIDE !


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