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Live stream server



So first i should explain the situation I'm in right now. We (A friend of mine and I) have an expensive Livestream subscription and 2 Mevo cameras for a live stream we're doing. The cameras are connected wirelessly to a cheap mobile router/AP combo and then to a iPad and Laptop. Right now we're using Livestream Studio but i would really like to switch to OBS, the Mevo cameras are locked down and can only be used with Livestream Studio (afaik) and i would rather use something else since I often have problems with them. 


I really appreciate any help you can provide with this since I'd like to make a complete upgrade (PC and Cameras).


We would need 2 cameras. I already have 1 FullHD camcorder were using for capturing the stage and showing it on 2 screens on the sides (We're using 2 J-Tech digital HDbitT's to connect wirelessly). I'd like to reuse the camera since we already have a splitter. The camcorder is about 30 meters away from the stage and I'm using optical zoom to zoom in. The problem would be connecting it to the PC since Its about 30-40 meters away. I'd like to avoid wireless since we already have the HDbitT's. I looked into some Optical or Cat6 long distance adapters but I'd like to hear someone else's opinion. The second camera would capture the crowd and could use a normal HDMI cable. 


Now for the streaming PC. Right now were using a Dell Laptop that's just barely outputing 720p30. I'd like to put a proper PC in a 19" rack. It would need to run Windows and we would probably only use it for the stream (If possible 1080p to Youtube). Now i mentioned that I'd like to stream using OBS and i saw that Elgato now has the ability to use multiple cards (i would use 2 HD60 Pro's , maybe 3 in the future) as sources.  As for the audio, i would take it from an existing Phoenix DSP thats in the rack and just use te motherboards Line IN. 


TL;DR: Got a Livestream subscription, now i need a rig to switch to OBS/Youtube.

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