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remote volume control for a monitor?

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ok so my current gaming/work computer is coming home and I have dual monitors on arms and the 4k has my 4k fire box gen 3 behind it I'm going to replace the 24" tv In the living area with my computer and set it up with the dual arm mount the 4k and my curved 27" sceptre monitors but was wondering if their was a easy way to control the volume on the 4k without getting off the couch when im using the fire box to watch movies, youtube stream twitch you know content consumption. my issue is the volume on everything is all over the place when you go from one video to another or one platform to another and would like a easy way to control it without having to get up or if I have people over without them fumbling trying to find my monitor controls behind the side.

any solutions would be helpful. I see amazon sells a new remote with volume control on it but I don't know if that controls the volume out on the box or on the TV and could use a bit of help on this one before I drop $30 on a remote people are having issues with. I was thinking some sort of inline controller?

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the volume on the new remote is most likely going to control the TV volume via the use of HDMI-CEC commands, which are highly unlikely to be supported by a computer monitor as this is a more modern standard focused at trying to allow a single remote to control everything in your home entertainment system. you could try researching your monitors nd see if they support HMDI-CEC, if they do then that volume control might work.

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