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Rehabbing toasty old card - still toasty!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm trying to rehab an old GTX580 that was found to be running super hot (massive thermal throttling). I found that the heatsink was completely clogged, so I cleaned that out and repasted the GPU for good measure. But it's still running hot - low 40s celcius idle and around 90C full load on a test bench. Is this within the realms of normality for a 580 or should I be looking for other issues?

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lock the fan at 100% then check the temp

you can have quiet and hot , or loud and cool , that's it with a 580

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1 minute ago, DDebbil said:

So you think it's within the window of normality for a 580?


if you have the fan set too low then yes i think the card will run hot , course that could be said for any gpu.

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