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12 minutes ago, NCIX Lampy said:



I'm thinking about a modi2, but I don't know what to get for a tube amp then. The DarkVoice you stated seems to be sold out/discontinued 

it comes on massdrop from time to time for 200$ There you have it for 310$

2 minutes ago, NCIX Lampy said:

@Dackzy If you could help on this if you're available


So if I wanted a "transparent" sound, I would avoid the tube amps, right? I'm not interested in adding anything extra. I just want clarity and purity. I'm not the type of person to add extras afterwards. 

sure. If you want the headphone to be as transparent as they can get you want to go with solid state since they don't color the audio to the same degree.

If you go solid state, then I personally think it is worth spending the extra cash on the NFB 11.28 vs a schiit modi 2 + Magni 2, it is just an amazing combo for the price and it gives you three ways to connect your PC to it, plus a preamp for speakers, so you can control your active speakers' volume with it. You can also do that with the Magni 2 uber, but it is simply not as good of an amp as the one the nfb 11.28 has built in.

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