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Windows 10 corrupt User

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The other week my third user account on my laptop was working but now it is not and it's giving me an error msg. I tried removing the account and making a new one but that did not work either and I still get the same eissue. I also can not rename the user folder in my C drive to create a backup. Any suggestions?


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Posted · Original PosterOP
6 minutes ago, UberGamerKing said:

Does it have any crucial files on it?

If no, just ignore it, you cant fix it without formatting the drive


It has some crucial documents on it but I have been able to access the account and extract them and put them onto a file on my desktop. My best guess is that this problem is a registry problem right?

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I had this issue on one of the computers at my office. 

Have you tried creating a new profile? if the new profile fails also then its more than just the registry. 



Try this 

On a 2nd computer running windows 10 copy the folder called "Default" from the C:\Users\ to a USB drive 

on your computer that is having the login issue rename the Default folder to DefaultOld and copy the folder off the drive into C:\Users


try logging in and if it works then your good to go if not then there are more issues like corrupt registry for that user profile what you can just create a new user profile and copy all the data over to the new user profile. 



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