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8320 vs 8350 vs 4670k

What cpu should I choose for my new rig? I will use my PC for gaming and general work. 


In my country, the 8320 is 80 dollars cheaper than the 4670k and 50 dollars cheaper than the 8350. 


The 8320 is the sure pick right? However, I have a few questions: 


1) Will my gaming performance suffer(especially with CPU-bound games)? 

2) How high of an overclock would most 8320s reach? (First hand experience would be appreciated) 

sick of the playground fight over the last few pages (and dravic posting reviews of very old drivers doesnt help)

if your ONLY playing games like minecraft, skyrim, world of tanks and other games that are poorly threaded then get the i3, itll be about 10%faster (110fps instead of 100fps)

if your playing those games AND crysis, bf3, bf3, moh warfighter, gta4, gta5 and other mutithreaded games then get the fx8320, because those games use 4 cores (well you can run on 3 and bottleneck on 2) youll get more performance, on each of those games (ommiting gt5) im running around 75% cpu usage give or take...

bearing in mind piledriver is now on par and sometimes surpassing phenom youll have another 2 modules left for recording fraps or streaming at the same time, id pick an 8320 with a decent cooler (hyper 212 evo, be quit dark knight pro, GlacialTech Igloo H58 if itll fit [i really want 1! :(] over an 8350, i dont think theres much if any difference in the binning anymore..

also there is only a small amount of performance to be had from overclocking a cpu (unless your in those poorly threaded games) and practically nothing more to be had over 4.4ghz.


not much to be gained


not much to be gained.


poorly optimised, likes fast speeds.

with those games like skyrim, minecraft etc i wouldnt worry anyway cus those games usually give you 214235 frames a second anyway/

:-) happy gaming. B)

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