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Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

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Just wanted to thank you for this giveaway and tell you not to giveaway your personal rig! I think the first post about this sums it up better than I can.

Nickname on Vessel: phenomanII





Basically the coolest vids on there right now :)



PC: CPU: Intel i7-4790 MB: Gigabyte B85N RAM: Adata 4GB + Kingston 8GB SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB GPU: XFX GTR RX 480 8GB Case: Lian Li PC-A05NB PSU: Corsair RM1000i KB: Drevo Gramr (modded with real Cherry MX Blues) Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Mousepad: Steelseries QcK Headphones: Sennheiser HD555
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7
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Vessel Username: Xlar_Kenziv


Favourite Videos:

1) Thrustmaster Warthog A10C - The best H.O.T.A.S. out there? (https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj)

2) Klevv, The most stylish memory company you haven't heard of - PAX East 2015 (https://www.vessel.com/videos/eUUJ3a1aM)


Also https://www.facebook.com/drew.mackenzie.54/posts/799881970081975?pnref=story

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