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    M4A88TD-v EVO/USB3
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    R9 280x PCS+ ( I love it ok. )
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    2x KRK Rockit 6 - Scarlet 2i2 Pre-AMP
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  1. I used to work at apple. Celebrite actually made the tools for us to transfer info from one iphone to another. like we would plug any phone, iphone, blackberry,android into it, press a couple buttons and voila. I think they dissasociated back in 2016 but they had direct access wether the phone was locked or not.
  2. Youtube , went , down. As I was writing this text , it had been about 30 minutes since the mogul that controls our ears and eyes had perished. Error 500 was appearing on most of my open youtube tabs. The dark snow of invalid ID videos would engulf my screen ohh god , no. I decided to type in youtube.com in a futile attempt to make things work but things went blank. Too blank. No titles , no thumbnails , No view count. We were doomed. I Rushed to twitter to see if the official youtube account had something to say about this but no. We were in the dark ages.
  3. they have a little wire hooked up to them. an alarm will ring. they were quick. anyways all phones/macs have an apple ID and they are all BIOS locked (Macbooks) with a special image OS from apple. they could probably sell them for parts maybe get 5k. ( I used to work at an apple store )
  4. Here is the what the webpage looks like. the design changed quite a bit since CES. The front is now square without bevel , its angled downwards now , and the front corner doesn't have a cap that breaks the vent lines. Just want to make it clear that the reason im not embedding and just posting the link to the video is because I run the channel and dont want to make it seem like im just here to advertise. Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzo0wbqWacY
  5. what in the hell is a Vlan hahaa, im really a noob. gotta do more research.
  6. Thanks a lot man ! Was about to make a mistake if I hadn't asked here !
  7. Where would the AP go ? connected to the switch ? or to the router ? where I live now its Modem--> router --->router it works ok but I have a feeling everything is messed up because speeds fluctuate like crazy on the second router.
  8. So i'm moving soon into a duplex I bought with my brother. Now we are only going to pay for 1 internet service but im having trouble with how to set it up. here is what I think might work , let me know if i'm wrong. the Line comes in to the house and into modem , I connect the Modem to a Switch ( Unmanaged ? Managed ? ) then one cable from the switch goes to the bottom floor connected to a router and one goes upstairs and does the same ? later on I might want to add a switch upstairs to route ethernet into the walls during construction. in terms of speeds , will I see any meaningfull
  9. I know , I have the same kit OC'ed to 2666mhz . the kit is still a steal. literally yesterday it was at 320$ and even at that price it was the lowest priced ram on newegg CA. Also for people who need large amounts of ram for Zero renders in large timelines , its their most budget bet available right now.
  10. That's pretty cheap. most kits in the past few months have been 399 and up. I picked up a 32gb kit on black friday for 300$ with the same specs. I was tempted to buy 2. Edit : Forgot the link -__- https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16820313887 edit : Price went back up. Lasted only a few hours.
  11. my x79 build a few yearrs ago. bought a rosewill. never rosewill do that again ...
  12. VIDEO REVIEW : ( song in the first 2 mins, Written below ) WRITTEN REVIEW : BTW THERE IS A SONG IN THE FIRST PART OF THE VIDEO REVIEW. KIND OF A SONG REVIEW IM TRYING NEW THINGS. THANKS FOR READING ! AZZA , they seem to make some cool looking case when you look at their advert materials because everything is rendered in 3D. You see , 3d makes every corner , every material and every product look so sharp but does it translate into the products ? no.. no it doesn’t. But is the inferno 310 from AZZA a bad case ? Let's take a look at the positives
  13. VIDEO REVIEW : (Written Below) WRITTEN REVIEW : Hey, its almost christmas so what about a gift you could give to yourself , or a gift that you want to give to someone you dont really care about because clearly if you cared about them you would have bought their gift sooner. -------- Snows here and today we’re reviewing the Aukey outdoor / indoor wireless speaker also known as the aukey SK-M18. As you can see ( in the video ) , it has a freakish resemblance to a very large can of soup , or to the AXESS tube speaker or to the Mental Beats