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Corsair c70 top radiator clearance

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Anyone knows if I can get a 280mm xt45(or other 45mm rads) on the ceiling of the case ( in pull) , or should I go 280mm st30 , or xt45 240mm if they work ? I haven't decided on next mobo it's either a sabertooth z87 or maybe some future msi z87 gaming . Clearance is no problem now since my current mobo is h61 with nothing bulky in the upper area.

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If you have a ruler and the case. I recommend getting it. Measure the distance from the screw holes to the top of the first thing that gets in fron of the holes going vertically down. (Either VRM or RAM.)


Next check the thickness of said radiator, (clue is in the name of the radiator) and add the standard fan thickness of 25mm to that value. If you are using push and pull add that value twice. If said value is smaller then it will fit. If it is larger then it won't. 


Have fun measuring.





If you don't have the case then look at pictures of the case with a H100i mounted. The radiator thickness on a H100i is 27mm use that as a comparison.

Feel free to PM for any water-cooling questions. Check out my profile for more ways to contact me.


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Seeing as Linus managed to fit the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme (38mm thick) up there on his CPU cooler bench rig, I'd say 30mm thick rad and a single set of fans will be okay and 40mm might be cutting quite close.

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