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Pc will not connect to server modern warfare (network issue)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong section but I believe it's a networking issue that's preventing the game from loading. 


COD modern warfare newly bought from blizzard.net, installs fine but every time you run it gets to the "connecting to the server" screen and just hangs there doesn't load any further. Internet connection is fine, the same pc allows you to go on the Web, all other devices work on the WiFi to. I've done the following troubleshooting but still hasn't fixed it, so really need some help on this one 😣


Ipconfig commands: /release   /flushdns     /refresh. (it did however error on the first command /release) 


Tried to enable NAT from router but there is no option too (from the UK and its a BT home hub 2)


Tried port forwarding rules provided online both from router and on windows defender.... No joy. 


Tried allowing connection to Internet for the actual game program both as an income and outcome rule on Windows firewall. 


There is no third party anrivirus installed as its a fresh build. 


The pc is connected via ethernet  through a powerline adapter.... But its connecting to the pc fine. 


Changed the Internet dns to   No joy. 


Uninstalled and re installed the game. No joy


Firewall option on router allows for game access


This pc has been granted access on router as DMZ? 



I'm really out of ideas guys any help would be much appreciated 👍👍👍




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