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Dead Z170 MOBO Replace New or Used

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I need motherboard replacement advice for my desktop.


Backstory and Problem

I was reinstalling a Hyper 212 Evo and put the mounting plate on wrong. When tightening the nuts on the back of the board the back plate for the radiator pressed against screws sticking out of the motherboard. Also, the entire system is mounted to a pegboard on the wall with twist ties. There was board flex when I was removing it prior to installing the radiator. The power supply is good after testing. The fans do not spin up and the Ethernet port LEDs do not light up. I do not have a way to test the CPU. There is no video signal.



I would buy an LGA1151 Z390 for $100 from Microcenter but I need a TOSLINK port to drive my 5.1 surround system. That gives me only two $180 options.


Should I buy a used Z170 with a TOSLINK port for about $75 on eBay or a new $100 Z390 and pick up a sound card (maybe a Vantec 7.1 Channel PCIe Sound Card) with TOSLINK for $40 later on?


If my motherboard is fine somehow and the issue is something else, I can't return the eBay purchase. If I buy new with the option of returning, I am worried about spending money on a motherboard with an old socket. If I do upgrade my system later, I won't have to pick a board with an optical jack because I will have the sound card.


I don't game any more and don't intend to upgrade my desktop any time soon. I have a server and a laptop so I'm not without a computer. Thank you for your advice.

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your only option is the 100 series chipset boards, or 200 series chipset boards unless you plan on upgrading your cpu now. 300 chipset won't work. if you aren't overclocking, you can probably find a 100/200 chipset board for cheaper than a z board.


what cpu are you using?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@bmx6454 thanks so much for pointing that out I had no idea. I am using an i5 6600K. I experiment with my computer so right now I'm undervolting and running the system completely passive. It is silent except for coil whine on the motherboard. I still want the ability to overclock when I get the urge. I tried to put my system's information in my profile and link my pcpartpicker list in my signature. Not sure if that is visible.

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