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does evga x99 micro2 motherboard support vt-d?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

ok new poster here. i also posted this query in motherboards forum. i hope thats ok! 🙂


long story short, ive been wanting to try an unraid build ever since i watched the ltt "2 gamers 1 cpu" video and i finally have the opportunity: i recently found some very reasonable deals on 6950x cpus on ebay and have decided to upgrade my main system from 5960x. so, rather than have the old cpu go to waste, i figure nows my chance to explore virtualization.


ive laid out my planned build on pcpartpicker and mostly settled on the evga x99 micro2 board because it has enough space between the first two pcie slots to house a short pcie riser cable to fit my 1080ti gpus (pass through for each vm) with no-frills single slot gpu for unraid host in the first slot. 


heres my current build info:

most of the components (cpu, gpus, psu, ram, etc) are from my main pc (plan to upgrade gpu to 3090 or 3090ti when they are available) so i just need motherboard, case and a few harddrives.


my main question for this post is: does anyone know if this motherboard (evga x99 micro2) supports vt-d?


ive seen evidence that it has vt-x but vt-d is crucial for unraid virtualization to work. has anyone else used this board for unraid?


im pretty sure the asus x99m ws would work except for not having enough space for the riser card (damn you: pcie x1 slot!) but ive been scouring the internet and various manuals to find my answer to no avail. if anyone has info (or better yet, experience) please let me know!!

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