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[Asus M15] 9th Gen Intel Users for this laptop, mainly gu502 and its variants, please read

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have found occasional reports on the internet about this issue but nothing concrete, so I request you to share your experience ...


The keyboard will basically die every time I try to use a custom color in Aura, this started happening after a set a low brightness cyan color to all my keys

after resetting the computer 3 times as I hadn't identified the cause, I realized that returning to default settings would get the keyboard to work and not an entire reset...


I then played around a bit more and basically all stock features of aura like rainbow, ripple, flash, and dash, static and more work well on default settings

using custom colors causes this issue changing the rainbow direction causes this issue changing the rainbow pattern in aura sync for adaptive causes this issue like crazy


Few things to note, I am running the latest drivers from Asus, nothing third party or from GeForce experience (not that it should matter for the keyboard)


I have upgraded the RAM with another 16GB stick for the dual-channel but it has mismatched timings so everything runs at 2400MHZ instead of 2666MHz ....This is the only issue that I think might be causing this problem and I need some insight from fellow owners.


I am trying to get users to replicate this issue to confirm the same... considering that Asus ppl check here often if this is a manufacturing defect then its quite serious...


If you are still having this issue do the following...


Hold down the power button till the laptop turns off, keep holding it for up to 15s after it has turned off


Now lift your finger, plug in the charger, and power it on again


You should get enough keyboard function back again


Login ASAP


launch armoury crate and set your keyboard RGB to static and one of the default colors in the palette, preferably red


And that's it. The keyboard should work fine after this


You can restart the system just to verify the same


Why does this work? Well someone in another thread had posted that this is a way to get some kind of static charge out of the motherboard that can get built up over time. My guess is that heavy load with custom RGB colors results in excessive static due to lack of any protection or oversight? This is all speculation though


If we can get enough M 9th Gen Intel users to replicate this issue then we can probably do something about


For someone who finds this thread in the future, my issue mostly happens with the lighter colors of the spectrum....from cyan to white and then pink...

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