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Omen 27" 240hz 1440p Monitor

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I would love to see LTT review this monitor, with the new 3000 series cards most gamers will finally be able to affordably get 240+ fps on a 1440p display, and this is the only monitor I've seen that has both. Every monitor I've seen LTT review is either 240hz or 1440p and you've had to choose between one or the other. This monitor has been out for several months now but for whatever reason I haven't seen much of a buzz around it, or seen any competitors coming out with a 1440p 240hz monitor. The reviews I've seen of it look great but I haven't found any that went into a lot of detail.

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I was just looking this up myself as I'm interested in 240hz 1440p for 3000 Series.  There are *some* reviews on the web, but not very many. Also, this is a TN panel... which is older tech and I'm interested in IPS Panel with these specs along with higher response times.


Then there's this:  Acer XB273U GX 270Hz.  This isn't out yet and some articles earlier this year suggested September 2020 for U.S., however, it's September and Acer hasn't announced anything publicly about this (that I know of).  Another site suggested "Late 2020 or Early 2021".  Samsung Odyssey G7 is about the only abundant 1440/240hz on the market that I know of, however, I've read overwhelmingly negative reviews about it due to "flickering" issues.... 

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