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Motherboard says low power promontory

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Today i looked in hwinfo underneath the chipset for my motherboard and it says low power promontory is this normal 


i have a msi gaming x470 max 

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Promontory is the chipset architecture. Low-power is an indication that it's energy optimized. Doesn't mean anything really. It's the same for virtually any Zen 2 capable board.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok thanks and another question i have is that is turning game boost on in bios worth it or will it shorten my cpus life 

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That's mostly marketing nonsense. All it's going to do is adjust the power limits and voltages a little, such that your CPU *might* boost a little higher/longer. However, there's so many variables here, that there's no guarantee it's going to have any effect at all.


Technically, any change to power delivery can hurt components, but for something like this that you just flip a switch on, everything is going to be well within acceptable ranges, so lifespan should not be impacted.

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