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  1. @Falcon1986 Edimax BR-6428nS V2 is the router. Same thing happens when I connect LAN cable only. 2 devices are simultaneously connected to it wirelessly.
  2. Hello. Have been using an old wireless router for several years now. Awhile ago noticed that sometimes it would limit my download speed by a lot but would refuse access to its interface if I tried to access it. Only restarting router fixes those issues. It has to be done so manually because it does not have option to schedule self-restart. But it's only a temporary solution until router starts behaving like I described above. Usually takes a week or so for that to start happening Does anyone have any idea?
  3. After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I have noticed that my user folder "C:\Users\user appeared on my desktop which I don't like. The folder is named "Name Surname". Any way I can hide it? I am not sure it's even supposed to be on desktop.
  4. Hello, Using Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit and wondering what are these services that end in same number?
  5. @TannahThanks. I have found solution online. The problem was "DW WLAN Tray Service". I have disabled that service and all is good now.
  6. Hello, I have upgraded Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit to Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit version 1909 and noticed that restarting or shutting down laptop takes like 4 minutes. It is just stuck at "Restarting..." or "Shutting Down..." screen until it finally does restart or shut down. Everything is fine in "Safe Mode" though... I guess there is some kind of service or running application that delays restarting or shutting down process and I have no idea how to find out which one causes this.
  7. You have Ryzen 5 3600X too? If yes, how such low multiplier is possible? Are you running it undervolted? Are you running on Ryzen Power Saving mode power scheme?
  8. Hello, Used SIV utility from Gigabyte and noticed that my CPU runs on x36 multiplier on idle instead of x38 multiplier: Checked with CPU-Z and it shows x37.75 multiplier which is very close to x38 multiplier: Why would Gigabyte's utility show different information? I even have their MB450 motherboard.
  9. Hello, The case is Cooler Master MB511 RGB. How do I install SSD on my case's wall? See those 8 holes? I can't find any video on YouTube how to install 2.5 inch SSD drive there. I hope it's not what I think. I hope I won't need to remove motherboard from case to install SSD...
  10. I am testing only CPU fan. Ryzen 3600X stock fan has a maximum RPM of 3000. My SYS_FAN has a maximum RPM of 1243. That's what System Information Viewer shows me so CPU fan and SYS_FAN are not the same when it comes to maximum RPM.
  11. Hi, I want to test CPU fan in different speeds in real-time. Does not have to be RPM, can be also in percentage like 10%, 20%, 30% etc. Anyone knows of a software that allows this?
  12. Hi, I am undervolting by using negative offset value and I don't know what software to use to check system stability. I heard some say to use Cinebench R15, others say to use Cinebench R20. Also I read that someone said to use Realbench rather than Prime95 because the former subjects the CPU for tests that more accurately reflect real-life CPU usage scenarios compared to Prime95 that puts CPU under too much stress that does not reflect real-life CPU usage by average user. Or something like that...
  13. Hi, 1. Samsung Galaxy SM-T590 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Don't know which one to get. I won't be playing video games. Just browsing the internet, watching YouTube, Facebooking, WhatsApping. The S6 Lite costs like $150 more than SM-T590. I was initially thinking about the latter. Anyone has one of the aforementioned devices? Cheers
  14. @bellabichon I don't want to use tools. I want to undervolt through BIOS only. The problem is clock-stretching in Ryzen CPUs. Normally when there is a quick voltage dip the CPU reduces it's clock speeds for a very brief moment. When you undervolt to the point where CPU no longer gets sufficient voltage on a consistent basis, the clock speeds rapidly fluctuate back and forth due to CPU's 1/10 second polling rate. Because hardware monitoring software cannot catch snapshots at such quick rate, it makes it impossible to detect performance degradation because all you see is