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2 minutes ago, justinislit said:

I'm planning building my first pc and on pc part picker I was planning to go with Gigabyte Z490 VISION G ATX and then a message pop up that saids' The motherboard M.2 slot #1 is listed as reserved for future use and is non-functional." I was wondering what do it means? here a list of all my parts.



I would really recommend to wait two months for the next gen NVIDIA graphics cards so you can get a lot better bang for buck, and depending on how good next gen Ryzen is, perhaps consider that as well. You end up spending so much on the motherboard and cooler (because it's a furnace) that if you went Ryzen you could get a 2080S instead of a 2070S which would result in much better frames compared to a 10700k + 2070S.

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