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Twitch is constantly buffering... (PC)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've tried a myriad of things to try and solve this, but Twitch is so inconsistent when I watch streams. Usually the streams when will be good for about 5 minutes (sometimes a little longer) and then it starts buffering. When the stream buffers, the chat almost always freezes as well. I have to refresh the page every time to fix this. When I let the buffering finish instead of refreshing, the stream then becomes choppy and buffers every 5-10 seconds. My internet speed is 900 down, 50 up.  No matter which streamer I'm watching, I get the same issue everywhere.


Here's what I've tried: (I am on a WIRED connection on my desktop PC)


Tried turning off low latency mode in the video player settings.

Resetting my router.

Clearing Chrome's cache completely.

Reduced stream quality (buffers at 1080p, 720p, and 480p)

Tried incognito mode to make sure browser extensions weren't the issue.

Tried using Firefox.

Tried changing my DNS server.

Tried using the Twitch desktop app instead of the website.

Tried using Streamlink instead of the website.

Tried using my laptop instead of my PC.


I've also tried to contact Twitch support, but they have not responded, so they're as useless as ever. Is there anything else I could try to solve this?

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