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Have WiFi but some things work and most don't

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Hello. I'm having this issue today where I'm only able to access certain things on my computer. For example, I can load Facebook, Google, and some other random webpages but stuff like Twitch, Discord, and Spotify state they have no connection. My exact error in Chrome when I access a page I can't is "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". Yesterday I was on this computer perfectly fine and I have not tweaked any settings whatsoever, just woke up and it wasn't working anymore. My network drivers are up to date as well and rebooted my PC a few times, even used a different WiFi adapter with no success. I also googled the problem and saw people were manually switching their DNS to Google's DNS or OpenDNS through their network settings and that didn't work for me either. 


OS: Windows 10 64bit

CPU: i7-9700k


16GB of RAM

Mobo: ASUS Prime Z390-A


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