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Brad Man

Jintide Montage Processors in mass production

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

Sorry original article seems to be click-bait as the processor is a joint effort by Intel and Tsinghua University to create a CPU and server architecture that has built in hardware security monitoring.

Clickbait article that started this: https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/intel-and-amd-shouldnt-panic-yet-but-this-chinese-vendor-has-repacked-a-xeon-cpu


  • Jintide Montage might sound like the name of a punk group, but it's not. In fact, the Montage is an x86 processor with PrC (Pre-Check) and DSC (Dynamic Security Check) technologies that can be used in Jintide or other server platforms.
    It shares common DNA with Intel, AMD and VIA and uses Skylake Xeon silicon at its core - and has already entered mass production.


References (more digging):

- The article just references the english text off the product webpage (linked below and the same as the Simplified Chinese as best I can tell)


Conclusions: I think it would be really neat to do a talk linked between Wendell and (Linus or Anthony) about current server tech, how developers should select for home NAS, Render and Workload with a looking into some of the stranger options such as this one with built in security.


Edited by Brad Man
Sorry missed the notes that I did a lot of digging and while really cool it is not new news.
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