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8gb + 16gb ram configuration

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I am using a Lenovo legion y540 15IRHPG0 which came with 8gb ram from samsung. Since my ram usage high running multiple VMs, chrome, building kernels, etc , now I want to upgrade my ram.

I am confused whether I should go for a 16gb or 8gb stick. I found out that using ram of different sizes has some drawbacks like not enabling dual channel support. I have selected the following rams for my upgrade

My concern are :

1. will 8gb and 16gb ram be supported properly ?

2. does dual channel really matter that much ? because my ram usages is really very high in my other machine even 32gb is used up completely sometimes . 

3. or it is better to have a 8gb+8gb conifg for system stability and having that dual channel speed advantage ?  


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Posted · Original PosterOP
17 minutes ago, Applefreak said:

Dual channel is not really important for VM stuff. 

Kingston lists the following memory as compatible with your laptop: KCP426SD8/16

Is this ram supported since this is cheaper than the Kingston one you mentioned ?


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