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Caius Filimon

SFX DIY m.2 EGPU without an external PSU

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone,


I am thinking of moving my current setup into a smaller, and divisible setup.


Once this whole BS blows over I'll likely be moving around a lot, and I'd like to have a more lightweight setup that can be broken up easily if required for flying with (given weight restrictions).


My plan is of having an enclosure like the SilverStone SST-ML09B that has space for an SFX psu, the motherboard and a low profile GPU. I would then use a low profile GPU for when I'm on the move and can't settle down in one place,mainly for video output given my 1700x.


Whenever I settle down for a while, I'd like to then pop out my 2070 and plug it in via an m.2 adaptor (and keep it outside the smaller PC Case).


I would only really do this if I can route the wires from within the case (of the SFX PSU) to the external GPU. I'm aware that there are adaptors for such things which also provide PCIE power (as seen in this video) to the m.2 to x16 adaptor. This would keep the setup from becoming overly ghetto, and so I'd just need to route the m.2 adaptor wire, and a handful of wires out of the case whenever needed.


Is there any reason as to why this would not work? 


And do any of you know of any similar undertakings?

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