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  1. Hey everyone! I've just purchased a GPD Win Max and was amazed at how extraordinarily good controller to mouse emulation can be. It has an inbuilt 360 controller and it works amazing with any game I'm throwing at it as long as I change some controls. And it is also great at navigating through windows. Could you please advise if you know of any such software (such as Gopher for 360 to mouse and keyboard emulation) but for TOUCHSCREENS? I have a 2 in 1 laptop as well, and I'd love to be able to play games in tablet mode with it (no keyboard or mous
  2. The Dooge s95 pro if you want chipset performance. Blackview BV9800 Pro otherwise.
  3. Magnetic clip-on cables. Protect USB port as well as provide faster charging. Wireless charging is rather dumb if not very high wattage.
  4. I think it's simply a case of terrible design that metal unibody phones bend. I've never had a metal unibody phone bend on me, even if used very heavily and not with much care. For example my current Red Magic 3 is hard as a rock; it literally cannot be bent. As has Jerry Rigs Everything proved. With regards to connectivity, it's really not an issue either, again, as long as the design isn't crap. I've never had bluetooth or 4G issues with my metal phones. And I've always used both glass and metal phones at the same time. As for the thermals, well, I also have a Huawei
  5. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, all of these are likewise wastefully heavy. I guess there's no options out there...
  6. What about foldable, lightweight bluetooth keyboards? Too unwieldy for you? I'd say that phone-sized qwerty keyboards are a bit impossible to use effectively. But yeah... extremely disappointing. But then, as long as you have some glue, can source the spare battery, and are cautious in the way you pry the phone apart, it's not that hard to replace the battery by yourself.
  7. Did you read the post? If you argue that people use cases anyway, then why in the heck should phone designers destroy the thermals of phones by slapping glass on their backs?
  8. I'm hoping others could share in my disappointment and disgust with the phone designs of today. There's now officially (to my knowledge) no higher-end phone line that is made of a full metal unibody. The absolutely brain dead designers of the Black Shark 3 release a cooling fan to be slapped on the damn GLASS back of their phones. Even the Red Magic series has gone to crap; their latest '5G' garbage is glass-backed. What's the point of the cooling fan then? A fully passively cooled phone with an aluminium back is far better at keeping the phone cool than a p
  9. Hi everyone, I am thinking of finding a lighter case for my setup that has virtually the exact same features as the RVZ03. I believe that internal layout to be the most space efficient one possible for zero-compromise setups. This case is around 3.8kg however, which I find to be absurdly heavy. I don't need a tank; just a case to keep the components from shorting and being crushed too easily when backpacking it when flying around inter-continentaly without adding pointless weight to it just so I stress about whether I'd be weighed at the gate. Id
  10. Hey everyone, I am thinking of moving my current setup into a smaller, and divisible setup. Once this whole BS blows over I'll likely be moving around a lot, and I'd like to have a more lightweight setup that can be broken up easily if required for flying with (given weight restrictions). My plan is of having an enclosure like the SilverStone SST-ML09B that has space for an SFX psu, the motherboard and a low profile GPU. I would then use a low profile GPU for when I'm on the move and can't settle down in one place,mainly for video output given my 1700x.
  11. Thank you very much for your help. Would you be so kind so as to explain why it is that solder points should not touch the metal chassis? I'm very curious.
  12. Hey everyone, I was hoping I could get a little advice on the importance of Mylar Shielding in extremely thin laptops the likes of the 2018 HP Spectre x360 13 inch. I am interested in taking off the Mylar shielding paper on the motherboard so I can expose more of the back of the CPU (to get to the front of the CPU, the motherboard has to be flipped around so I can't be bothered). Do you believe that would have any negative effects on the laptop? The reason I want to take off the Mylar shielding on the back of the CPU slot is to add more thermal pads connec
  13. Hey everyone, I would be forever grateful if any of you would be so kind so as to recommend a good, modern phone (recently released; preferably with a SD855/Kirin 980) with a metal back. I am extremely tempted by the Red Magic 3 as it not only has a metal unibody, but an in-built fan, all for a very reasonable price. I was wondering if there are any other options out there. I despise the idea of glass backed phones; it's bad for thermals, it cracks easily, and it doesn't feel as good in the hand as metal. If anyone has a list of metal backed/uni
  14. Hey everyone, I've been carrying my desktop PC (RVZ-03 mini ITX case) in my hand luggage (plane) for about a couple of years now, however I've only just read up on the 'walking wounded' idea wherein electronics may not outright die from electrostatic discharge, but instead just have their lifespan considerably shortened. When travelling, I have only really covered the read ports of the motherboard (no IO shield, woops) with a piece of cardboard, as well as placing pieces of cardboard on the power supply exhaust, GPU exhaust and CPU exhaust. Do you have any e