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NVME Major problem, Seagate Barracuda 510 drive & MSI B450M PRO-VDH PLUS / MSI X570 Prestige

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Good day all, I'm currently living a nightmare....    first of all, here are the exact specs of what I'm working with :


 -MSI B450M PRO-VDH PLUS (tried all bios versions, including the latest v98 from 2 ish weeks ago)

 -Ryzen 3 3200g

 -8gb ddr4 kingston value ram

 -Seagate Barracuda 510 256gb NVME ssd

 -Aerocool Superb 600w (shitty but attempted with Corsair RM1000x to see if it could be PSU voltage fuckup but same issue)


Soooo yeah, now let's expose the problem :

   NVME is ALWAYS detected on first boot, shows properly in BIOS (all versions) and can start windows 10 setup (usb key created with Rufus 3.8.    Most of the time, there is no issue to pass the ''partition'' step of the windows setup, no ''no driver'' type error...    then somewhere in the copying/prepparing files step, it will freeze, the NVME will lock itself and install fails.   After that, it will not be detected in the BIOS, either in the widnows install...   only solution found, remove cmos battery, remove NVME, wait around 10 minutes, put it all back togheter and then would redetect, but same issue happens over and over.   Attempted to ''excite'' the NVME with Seaboot utility to no success.. (at the recommandation of Seagate support)


Spent hours with Seagate support to pinpoint the issue, to no success....   


I point into a thermal reading error from the SSD itself locking it down at some point thinking it overheats, as I can go further in the process with case open and a big fan blowing in the machine.   In some case, with the fan, the install succeeds and after the SMBus and Ethernet drivers are installed in Windows, the computers don't crash anymore, and are very stable...


The Seagate support guy (awsome Terry from Toronto's suburb) was more pointing at a handshake issue between the motherboard and the nvme, which is possible.   


Of course, this drive is not on MSI support list for this motherboard, but it is for the X570 one we have.... hahahaha 


And also, I did try this Barracuda 510 drive with the MSI Prestige X570 Creation and had the exact same issue, although it is on it's support list... go figure


On more addition, I have 75 of these boards, 75 nvme etc..... plus located at the other end of the world, litteraly and with current pandemic situation, RMA are not possible.


19 out of 75 were able to eventually get windows installed, and like mentionned above, they are stable and running 24/7 since 2 weeks, with bi-weekly reboot.


Any clues, I'm a bit dazzled by all this..... like really dazzled


I'll appreciate any help on this




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