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orange led on Asus motherboard

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Recently I've been having a boot issue where sometime the pc boots up fine, but then there are other times were it doesn't boot up at all while everything is turned on,(all the fans and rgb are all on) I've tried everything from reseating the ram to clearing cmos, I was wondering if anyone any ideas to what's going on.

Asus x570 tuf mobo

ryzen 3700x

g skill 8x2(3200)

msi 2070 super ventus OC 

samsung on 1tb nvme

p.s ive recently went to micro center to perform a diagnostic test and everything passed except one test for the GPU, but the guy said its normal due to it being an older software running, since the test turned out to be fine I was still getting the issue at home and returned to micro center where one of the technicians said the GPU is cause,  now I'm not sure what to believe in at the moment.

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