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Samsung 82" Secret menu

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i have an question about samsung upper class TV-s series 8 i believe?  basically an samsung 82" tv, im in need of disableing inegrated wireless adapter but i cannot find the place even in the secret menus on how to do it (https://www.askvg.com/secret-service-codes-for-sony-and-lg-tv/)  another thing is how to disable push notifications from the secret menu, since the menu on, i know how to disable regular notifications but that is not enough, the tv still pushes notifications when the ethernet cable is connected, not connected and etc... dont want this

also DOES SOMEBODY have the definitions for most of the things in the secret menus? since google is coming up empty and my it knowladge is struggleing.


sorry if posted udner wrong thread.

Some EU input to Canadian IT :D 

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if your talking about the ads then no theres no way i have ever heard of that you can turn them fully off. as for turning off wifi, again i dont think you can fully. the only way i seen was actually tearing into the tv to get to the board and physically killing by disconnecting it on the board. but being hooked to a ethernet cable and going into options and setting it to ethernet cable should shut wifi off.
other then that maybe block the tvs wifi ip at the router?

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