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Question Regarding Dell Monitors

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have a question regarding the general quality of Dell Monitors that have been made recently.  Specifically their IPS displays (do they make VA panels) of the curved variety.  I have had a Dell E207WFP 19" that has been on practically continuously for the past almost 13 years and so was wondering if they are still making monitors of the same quality as I'm looking to upgrade.  I mean there isn't anything wrong with my current monitor just that I'd rather replace it before it actually dies and it's a 16:10 ratio display and I'd like to go to a different ratio that is at least 1440p and 120hz.  Also if Dell has become junk monitors what are some decent brands (that don't cost $600)?

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I believe Dell sources their panels from LG, and they don't make VA panels.


Otherwise I've seen no reason to believe Dell's build quality has diminished over the years. I've basically only used Dell monitors and they all ran like champs. Though almost all of them are meant for businesses, so there's that.

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