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Overwatch 1440p cpu

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I generally play Overwatch on my pc but when I built my pc I was misinformed when I thought that my i5 6600k would make the cut. I am peaking at 90% usage on my cpu and am only getting around 90 to 110 frames. I've got a 1070 GPU that is not passing the 35% usage mark and 16 gigs of ram that is never more than at a 50% load.. What cpu should I upgrade to so I can get my full 144hz that my monitor is capable of? Or is there a way to get more out of my cpu besides overclocking, because the overclocking doesn't ever give it more than maybe 10 extra frames. I am wanting to be able to run max settings on OW and other blizzard games.


Also my overclocking has been a bit weird lately, when I tell it to OC in BIOS, the loading screen that used to tell me that it's at 23% under the asus logo doesnt pop up any more and I don't know what too look for to see if my cpu is really overclocked. I have cpuz but I'm not sure what wil tell me if i'm overclocked or not.

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