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Does the display of my dream exist ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys,

I'm thinking about changing my display setup because it do not really fits my need, but I didn't find any good option for me on the market right now. Or maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing ? Let me explain...


I'm a full time worker on the software development business. So on my daily basis, I do programming, reviewing code, managing product. For this, I like to have a quite descent pixel real estate and I enjoy WQHD(2560x1440) a lot.

Having two displays is great but I was also wondering if a single ultrawide or 5120x1440 display would be better. I like programming on my personal computer (Desktop), or on my work computer (Laptop).

At work, we have these new kind of displays what uses a single USB-C cable and it provide power to the laptop, has a USB hub with my mouse, keyboard, and also a second display.


However, At night I'm a gamer. And I REALLY ENJOY my PG279Q for it's refresh rate and G-SYNC to enable with my GTX 1080 of my personal desktop computer.

But I also feel that a 32:9 display for gaming is really overkill. I would be happy with a 16:9 or 21:9.


So I would love to have one desk that allow me to use my same display(s), keyboard and mouse with every situation. Switching between both should be easy and without messing with a lot of cables or deep control menu.


Here are the following options I found so far:

- Dell U4919DW:  Excellent connectivity what could feels ergonomics. But only 60Hz and no adaptive sync.

- Samsung C49RG9: 120Hz FreeSync (GSYNC capable as reported on forums?) but no USB-C.  Maybe in addition to a usb-c dock ?


In the past, I tried to use a KVM but found that it was not working as great it was very expensive (Tripp-Lite, single Display Port but no g-sync, USB-3)


Any other ideas/options, feedbacks or recommendation ?


Thank you :)

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