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X470 board prep in case x570 too expensive ( bios help)

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once ryzen 3000 and x570 become available in july I will be builind my first pc in quite a while that being said if 570 does expensive as it an expensive as it's rumored to me and I cannot afford to get a board that meets the specs that I'm looking for a place to fit my design scheme I've already decided on an x470 board the gigabyte wifi 7. That being said I know there is a bios update with the x470 board that makes it compatable with ryzen 3000 but I'm concerned about the line in the bio used for compatability that claims I will need to install "EC FW UPDATE TOOL" befor I can upgrade to the final latest bio revision. I know I can use Qflash for the bios but I have No idea about this ec fw tool thing any ideas guys? Keep in mind I don't have acsess a ryzen 2000 cpu and after talking to amd about there cpu loan program they said they dont intend to update program to hand out 2000 series cpus to update a bios cause "x470 boards should already be compatable" but if there compatible why the bios revision for the boards.

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