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  1. Unfortunately definitely borked vram now I dont know much about rma and in an amd shill because I always like the underdog but that being said I had to rma my msi 5700xt and in wouldnt say I got ahead out of the deal but turns out they couldnt fix the card for what ever reason and didnt have any in stock they could find but promised they would send me something in exchange 2 weeks later iw was runing a radion 7 and got a nifty gift card not saying the same may happen to you but you might be able to negotiate an exchange of product much like I did but again your milage will vary since....well n
  2. More and more leaks and reports of the 3080ti variant with 20gb farm to go head to head with the rx6900 some claiming that the 20gb of farm is seemingly true if so this pretty much canableizes the 3090 in its entirety dont you think? New ti would have to be price at or below 999$ (amds new top card) Good thing nvida had that nice paper launch Atleast they can use all the unmade 3090 components for that ti and pretty much scrap the 3090 and 3080s haha Just looking to start some convos for recent findings
  3. What he said^ when you rma'd did they say anything on what they did
  4. Iv even seen some recent leaks suggesting 20gig vram like seriously what would be the point of 3090 then
  5. Haha right one of my first thought was that as well but then I remembered the super cards which where essential "ti" varients to an extent just with out the moniker and thought they are ether gonna bottom berrel there price for the ti just to try and undercut amd or try and match and have everyone just say "why?" Plus if no one can get 3080 or 90 now can only imagine the availability on a hastfully cobbled ti varient
  6. I'm no expert "so large grain of salt here" but it looks like vram artifacting so I'm guessing a vram chip is borked in some way
  7. As stated up above this is just a theory, now as of late while surfing the web iv noticed "leaks" about a potential ti for the 3080, now some specs differ from leak to leak, one of interest was a ti with the same cores as 3090 and while reading it dawned on me, my theory is they will have to price it less the the rx6900 even though you will essentialy be buying a 3900 but with just less vram pretty much making the 3900 even less relevant then it is now, how crazy is that? Thoughts? Opinions? Just felt chaty
  8. Actualy my overclocks to both cpu and GPU are 100% stable turns out the issue was software related and do to some buggy signaling from a faulty nvme drive. After replacing said drive and doing clean install of os even befor the abba agesa update system ran flawless. With the updates it just happens to run better now it may have been awhile since iv built a pc but I'm not new to it or overclocking I always do my research befor jumping into anything.
  9. As some one who bought this card on the ignorance of the 5700xt and super cards this is what I'll say....no just no. Yes this card is in my rig, yes this card does a good job but only and ONLY once you fine tune the card, iv had to dial in my core clocks,undervotl, power limitations and so forth. In truth if I could do it again for this system I would have gone with the 2070 super as in terms of performance there about the same and you get raytracing even though it's limited in implementation in truth go used by anything to get by then by next year or in 2021 once intel releases there cards, r
  10. Is this like some sort of start up popup error? Or after trying to downlaod said update of the xriver it stops working?
  11. Intel wont charge a dime since the software already exists something else you can try is typing device manager in the seachbar selecting the corresponding lan tab and locating the intel lan and right clicking and try to update the driver from there. You can also try taking to the asus rog forum, I got a lot of advanced drivers, bios updates, and old patches from there plus alot of the asus patch guys run aound on there two so someone might have some sort of workaround for you there too
  12. You could also try to contact intell directly if you can track down which lan module is on the board and see if you can get the driver from them
  13. Taking what dubba said into account id see if you talk to asus to see if they can just send you a copy via email for the lan driver instaler it's self if its an issue on how asus has the packaged drivers set up this may help. On my x470 hero wifi vii I got zero issues out of the box on the moatherboard side including drivers. You could also try updating all other drivers an leave LAN alone. It should still work with the preinstalled drivers but it may or maynot have issues. I personaly thought I had all my drovers updated and had been using my Bluetooth earbuds on my pc since its completion in
  14. 1. Yes it can 2. In LTT opinions you have a B.grade board in terms of vrm. Consensus says about a 3900x at max is best your looking at. 3. This sounds unfortunate I'm going to assume you have updated the lan drivers? If not You can downlaod the files externaly and place them on a usb and run them on the system in question also if you havent already make sure your bios is at the very least runing the bios that allows 3000series to work this may require a currently supported antheon or ryzen 2k series chip ( can be provided on loan by amd themselves) if it already runs try getting lat