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Are these normal temps for strix vega 64?

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Few months ago i bought strix vega 64 in the winter, temps were ok. now its summer and its getting hotter (room temp is around 26), i changed the thermal paste with Arctic mx4, i got around 2-4 degrees lower than the stock paste.


Im running high fan curve (max reached 62% 3000rpm @75c on core clock). to keep it silent as possible.


core clock: around 1550

memory clock: 1050

Power: +50

voltage 1150



my case is thermaltak p3 open case.


are these normal temps?


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11 minutes ago, Khader87 said:


Anything under 90C shouldn't throttle, but you could always just undervolt the card. the HBM clocks affect gaming performance the most anyways I think.

I edit my posts a lot

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