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  1. Hi, I have asus prime z390m plus, used to have 2x8GB 3000mhz overclocking them to 3400mhz, no i have 4x8GB corsair vengeance pro RGB 3200mhz and cant even overclock them 1mhz? bad corsair or bad asus?
  2. Hi, I have the below rig i7 9700KF @5.00ghz @1.29v. wattage never exceeds 90w in games gigabyte rtx 2080 super gaming oc power limit 100% and not overclocked. PSU: Seasonic Focus FM GOLD 650w 80+ i noticed recently a coil whine and stuttering in some games not all. i checked hwinfo and i noticed voltage reliability marked yes, i understand power limit and utilization, but voltage reliability seems series! i have a top tier PSU? what could be the issue?
  3. Does 32inch monitor display more area space in game than 27inch with same resolution 2k and apsect ratio 16:9 i play total war games and sometimes controlling large armies can be hard as many are outside of my viewing, so does buying larger screen allow me to see more from the game? I hope you got my point. my concern is both have same aspect ration and i dont want the 32 inch just enlarge the picture with no addition of viewing space. thanks
  4. Hi, I have gigabyte rtx 2080 super gaming oc, now its summer outside temps is in 30s, the card runs in mid 70s without any OCing @76% fans speed. My case is big and well ventilated with 3 intake and 2 exhaust, the CPU is on AIO exhaust fans. I was thinking of getting heatsinks with 3M thermal tape and attach them to the GPU backplate to help with the heat disposition since the Backplate is connected with the PCB thru thermale tape as well. will it work in lowering temps?
  5. Hi, I have Gigabyte rtx 2080 super gaming been using for 1 month now, i noticed that idle temps when just turning on the PC rise to upper 50s? gaming temps rise to mid 70s (77 max) at 75% fans speed which equals to 2400rpm as per hwinfo (stock fan curve) Overclockedwhen gaming +100mhz on core running at 1980mhz - 2010mhz +1200mhz on memory running at 8951mhz Power limit is 100% temp limit is 88c are these temps normal? is the high idle temps okay?
  6. Hi, summer is here, my gigabyte rtx 2080 super gaming oc is reaching 75c @70% fan speed. When OCing the core clock reaches 1980mhz but hoovers between 1935 and 1965 on heated. Do you recommend watercooling my GPU? will it be worth it? will i get better core speed and performance? Couldn't find a true comparison on the net.
  7. Hi, I wonder what type of thermal grease GPU manufacturers put on new GPUs, what is the conductivity? Do you recommend replacing the thermal comlund with new one? like Arctic mx4 which has 8.5 w/mk conductivity? I have gigabyte rtx 2080 super gaming oc reaching 75c now at the beginning of summer @70% fan speed.
  8. CPU Default @ 4.6ghz, ocing it to 5.00ghz didn't do anything GPU: 1950mhz @core, and 8500mhz @ memory.
  9. I doubt they require more than 8 cores. CPU around 50s GPU high 60s 2 ram slots, dual channel
  10. Hello Community, I have the below Specs which I recently assembled: i7 9700K on Asus Prime z390m Plus, AIO 240mm Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Gaming 2x8GB DDR4 - XMP enabled @ 3000mhz Seasonic Focus FM Gold 650W 80+ 1 nvme + 2 SSDs Display: Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ @165hz I get this annoying stuttering on some games like BO4, MW2 (new game), NFS Heat, Two point hospital, Planet Zoo. These games run fine with no issues: Overwatch, The division 2, AC: Odyssey, TW: Three Kingdoms, RDR2, Frostpunk, Anno 1800 Temps are fine, all
  11. Hi, I have 2 SSDs installed on my Computer, 1 from SPCC and the other from Kingston (cant remember model numbers). I ran AS SSD benchmark tool and got low scores specially on Acc.time (dont know whats this) comparing to others online. Im getting microstutter in few games, dont know if this is related. Both are connected on SATA 6.0G
  12. Hi, I bought lenovo ideapad l340 with AMD R3 3200u with integrated Vega 3. I bought it to work from home, and noticed that neither cores reaches the advertised 3.5ghz turbo speed, they hoover around 2.9ghz 3.1ghz max for short period of time? any suggestions?