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Sponsor Review: Madrinas Coffee LTT Cafe Vanilla (canned)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

On the heels of the Roast of Linus (which was EXCELLENT) I bit the bullet on shipping and bought a six-pack of the LTT Cafe Vanilla canned coffee from Madrinas.  This is a quick review.  DISCLAIMER: I paid for this myself and I am not a coffee connoisseur.  Most of the coffee I do drink is canned.


Can: Can looks like what I consider a standard for energy drinks and the like, but Madrinas actually seems to use 15 ounce (444mL) cans as a standard rather than 16 ounce.  The other thing that was very apparent on the can was that the label was wrapped...some type of plastic/vinyl wrapping.  I'm not used to seeing this on cans so it threw me off.  I noticed it as soon as I picked it up due to the rougher feeling where the plastic was joined.  The wrap can also affect your drinking experience if the plastic isn't properly aligned.  One of my cans had the plastic biased towards the top so my lower lip kept being scratched when I went to drink.


Design of label: Big.  Bold. Garish.


Coffee itself: This is going to vary based on your preference, obviously.  Temperature makes all the difference with this coffee.  The coffee overall tastes more like coffee-flavored vanilla milk to be honest.  The vanilla overpowers most of the other flavor and tastes rather artificial, though the coffee ingredients are natural.  I don't know if this is supposed to be a 50-50 milk-coffee blend or something with less milk, but the coffee taste is weak.  Lukewarm or cold the vanilla was very apparent.  I found however that when it was warmed (sat the can on top of the stove/oven when I was baking something in the oven) the coffee was much tastier, though the vanilla still seemed overpowering.


Overall: Coffee-flavored milk, with an overpowering taste of vanilla.  Not the worst I've ever had, but unfortunately far from the best.  The shipping cost on top of that makes this an absolute no-go for further purchases unfortunately.  I might try some of Madrinas's other coffee, but definitely not this one again.

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