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Odd folder behaviour after change of display (1080p to 4K)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hope you lot can offer some insight into a minor issue that none the less is driving me a little nuts.


I have a mediaserver that's currently running windows 7 Pro 64, and until a week or so ago was hooked up to a 40" 1080p TV... Now I don't often use it as a display it's a server that's streaming media out to the rest of the house. I tend to remote into that system via teamviewer and do virtually everything via that. I've had no issues with the folders staying sized as required. I typically have 4 folders open at all times,


About 10 days ago I upgraded that TV to a 50" 4K TV... and since then every time I log back in those folders have been resized and placed over each other in the top left corner of the screen.  In spite of me resizing them constantly. System has been rebooted, and other programs such as firefox do not display this behaviour... just windows folders.


When you are trying to do something via remote with a 4k screen displayed on a 27" 1440p monitor... it's already hard enough to read everything, but when it keeps resizing and moving the folders to the top corner and stacking them all on top of each other.. it gets really annoying, really fast.


It's just not remembering folder settings as before.



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A picture of the problem would be nice to see :) 


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was digging through the settings and noticed that the display was only showing 30hz at 4k... so I dug a little deeper and it will only do 60hz @ 1080p, so I thought.. perhaps the HDMI lead is an older spec. So I grabbed one of the new ones I bought that are current spec and swapped them over... Nope.. still only 30hz.


No idea if that's actually the problem, but I'm just troubleshooting at the moment.


Specs might help too I suppose.


Display: Samsung UE49NU7100 4K HDR Smart TV

Graphics Card ASUS R9 280X


Rest of system is not great, but it's a mediaserver, so it's fine and is getting upgraded when W7 goes EOL in Jan

AMD FX8350, 16GB, ASUS M5 MB, 550W Corsair PSU.. 6 hard drives totalling 30TB (5HDD = 1SDD)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

OK, so the 30hz issue is down to not being supported by the 280X over HDMI and most likely completely unrelated to the issue anyway.


I've also turned of the aero snap feature within windows 7 to see if that makes a difference.

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