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Best way to see if 9900k is stable?

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I am completely new to PC building + completely new to overclocking the same. I have just got my 9900k out the box and ran a few tests I have seen on videos. I am hitting around 90c which I believe is too much according to google, I am using 4 fans in the case 2 intakes + 2 exhausts with a Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 as the CPU cooler.


This is straight out the box settings though so not sure where am going wrong if I am? Would appreciate all the help I can get a lot of tutorials I have watched online are very contrasting opinions

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Majority of the time out of the box, the motherboards throw waaaaay to much voltage at the CPU when everything is left to auto. Best way to combat this is to manually tune your voltage to the frequency you want the CPU to run at, which 9900k's being able to hit 4.9-5.1ghz on average for overclocking and higher if you got a golden chip. Good software to use to test the CPU is Intel XTU, Intel Burn Test, OCCT, Aida 64. These will stress your CPU and apply different loads with different sets of instructions to ensure its good to go. Its generally advised to test for 24hrs straight like this to ensure stability and thermals are good. Generally under these stress tests, you're OK to go up 85c or so on average. Anything above I would personally consider to high. 

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