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New Tech (need help / How To?) - External Monitor for Android

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

Hi there, Im Ryan and want to have a Large Touch Screen Dash in my car. Samsung has such a device but I am looking to do it for a little cheaper. Hoping you do a Show on this, love your videos. 


I want to mount a Touch Screen on my Dashboard in my car. Like a Tesla a large screen on Dash. Something like a 20" Touch Screen. Samsung Has the Samsung Dex which does this, but I simply cant afford a new s10 and a dex screen. I want to use my Android phone as the brains / and have access to all the Car Apps in the Play Store. The Car Large Touch Screen to be the one that controls the phone / including the double tap. I know you can HDMI, but that wont allow touching the screen while driving.  I have a Motorola e5 supra as a extra phone because the screen is cracked - So is there a way I can connect a external touch screen / That controls the phone.


Love your shows on youtube, The odd ball things you tackle makes me have hope! And I hope you do a Video on this one! Explore Tech! 

Thanks, Ryan Romero Sr -ryanromerosr@outlook.com


Samsung's device I want to emulate.



If this is the Wrong Place to post this, I apologize.  Its a odd sorta question and there wasn't one I thought would fit the question. Thanks again.

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Not sure correct posting area
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