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Should i build a pc or buy prebuild

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It will be used for browsing/playing some facebook games 

"It will be for my aunt"

I've seen some prebuilds and they are priced too high i think 

i've seen a pc for $300 with ryzen 3 if  i build it

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Building it yourself will always be cheaper... If only used for browsing and playing facebook games you might even be able to get away with a second hand Dell Optiplex for ~50 bucks, more ram and an ssd and it would be fine too.

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The pre-built systems will include windows and warranties all through one company. I'm pretty confident you can't build a ryzen 3 system with windows for $300 that doesn't have utter garbage for case and power supply. There are however $300-350 prebuilds that don't suck. I remember seeing a Dell recently at WallyWorld with an i3-8100, SSD boot drive, 8GB of ram for $300, though it may have been on sale.

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