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  1. Whichever one has the features you need at a reasonable price that's available.
  2. Those are about the temps I would expect on a wraith spire, so you're warm, but without a new cooler, you're not going to do any better unless you can lower the voltage and remain stable, which you should be able to do at only 3.9ghz.
  3. What cooler are you running? Your voltage is high for 3.9ghz, my 2600(non-X) will run 4.2 all core, or 4.3 on CCX1 and 4.2 on CCX2 with 1.35v get. However with a cheap 240mm AIO that runs in the mid 30s idle and peaks at or below 70C under artificial loads, like cinebench or prime.
  4. That just doesn't happen anymore. Everyone is just skipping over this criteria, but no one makes phones like this anymore. They're all bonded aluminum and glass or plastic you have to peel apart carefully with ribbon cables everywhere.
  5. Plugs into the motherboard for RGB lighting control.
  6. Define user replaceable battery? Is it possible? Sure on every phone made. Is it reasonable to do without risking destroying the whole phone with one major mistake? Not really.
  7. What's your storage requirements? Is this just a rackmount workstation build?
  8. Try literally anything other than userbenchmark, like an actual game bench, or at least a better synthetic benchmark, like 3d mark.
  9. Ah, I didn't get around to that due to it's length.(That's what she said?) Thanks for the heads up!
  10. I may have missed it along the way, but has anyone else noticed that LTTShop.CA redirects to the Gamer's Nexus store? God I love Steve sometimes...
  11. Keep it vertical if you've full cover blocked the GPU. Just run the cables more conspicuously.
  12. And there's your #1 advantage to ED. Sandbox mode is completely available. If you don't want to pop, you simply won't. If you are ok with the risk, you have the option.
  13. Absolutely do not play Elite Dangerous with keyboard and mice. It's absolutely playable on a controller. But a HOTAS is ideal. P.S. I have good eyesight, I can read that, and you're not alone. I play both, appreciate both as VERY different types of games. I am CEO of my own Corp in EVE, and I have way too many hours flying in ED. I love both, but I spend more time in ED as I like to fly instead of just click around space...
  14. Elite dangerous is only of the only ones I've found.
  15. When the desktop 4000 series APUs come out we'll know. Mobile at the same process always launches behind the desktop APUs, which launch behind the top tier performance parts, but it looks like we're getting high end 8 core, 8 CU desktop APUs this time around, which should see core for core equivalents on laptop, just at lower power and clockspeed limits.
  16. This is where you have to break things out into four distinct categories and look at them independantly, IMHO. Category 1 is Corest per dollar, good for specifically thread heavy applications. Category 2 is IPC, where the two are essentially(near enough as makes no difference) at parity right now, so it's a wash, but as 10th gen had an uptick, so will Zen 3, etc. Category 3 is raw frequency, where AMD is legitimately at a 10-20% disadvantage, which is HUGE in specific tasks. Category 4 is where everything is on it's head from just a year ago, wit
  17. This, and frankly, at 3700X cost, I would ether drop down to a 3600 and put the money somehwere else in the system, or at least go 10600K on z490. Most programs will lean more heavily towards either raw speed, or towards more cores. If what you run needs cores, go x570. If 6 cores or 8 cores is more than enough and you use Adobe products or other programs that are better served by all the Ghz, go z490. That is the decision this generation. All that said, we're about a month out from Zen3 announcement, so it would be silly(at best) to buy now when 4-6 weeks will give more informatio
  18. Use the money to upgrade from a base model video card to a good AIB model with better VRMs and cooling and you'll see a bigger difference than ram could net you on the 6600K. The same will not be true for your next CPU most likely. Intel's 9th and 10th gen in addition to Ryzen have gotten more sensitive to ram speed and latency than anything previous and I imagine that trend will continue into the first generation of DDR5 platforms.
  19. You'll get 1080p at 60fps, I'm sure, it just depends on how much eye candy you need. Try running ARK in a private local server and see what you can hit it with if you want to see where you move the load from CPU to GPU.
  20. There is significant speculation that LGA1200 has the pin count built in for both PCIe Gen4 and DDR5. JEDEC finalized the standard in July of this year, so Intel had plenty of time to make sure the socket would be compatible based on pre-spec information and then the finalized spec. Zen 3 is the last hurrah for AM4 most likely, so AM5 debuting within 2 years with DDR5 and by that time, likely PCIe Gen 5 on the Ryzen 5000 series sounds exactly like something AMD would LOVE to be able to market.
  21. Measurable performance improvement in what? Benchmarks? Probably. 3D animation? Yes. Games with a 6600K and 1080? Not unless you're playing a particularly CPU and memory intensive game, no.
  22. They are on shelves in North America and Europe. From what I've seen of delay times to india, you're looking atleast a quarter for availability, often more like 6 months on technology. If you need a system now, get a 3500 based system and you'll be fine. Just got one myself for $300USD on sale and it has all the hallmarks of a cheap laptop, but it runs great. Would a 4000 series be faster? Absolutely. But if you need it now and it's not on the shelf, you have little option. If you can wait 2-3 months minimum, by my best guess, then do so. Side note, "Ultrabook" was an intel project
  23. Well that went way off the rails. Here's the TLDR of the whole thing. SAS is fine, but there's no reason to spend $250 on a raid card, which promises speed equivalent to the most common nvme SSDs where you could get a 2TB drive for the cost of just the controller card, let alone cables and drives. Are there a lot of things you can do? Absolutely, however there is a reason other people don't, it just doesn't make sense by space considerations, speed, dollars, literally anything except if you need raw data storage space that you can get from additional drives, which negat