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Is Monoprice rocking the market with performance / value? Help me choose a monitor

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone, 

at the moment I have a BenQ that is 1080p with 60HZ, however after 2 and something years of use it has a stuck red pixel in the middle of the screen which is not noticeable while gaming, but it's visible while browsing and it's very annoying so I'm looking for an upgrade. First I wanted to go all in and maybe get the Alienware 34 inch version that has 120 HZ and Gsync since I have a rtx 2080ti so I need something that would be future proof, the only issue with the Alienware is that since I'm located in Ireland it costs about 1000 GBP, which in Euro is even more so it is extremely expensive so for the last few months I've been trying to find a good alternative with price / performance. Seems like the Monoprice guys have been out for over a year but I just found out about them in the last couple of days.

Since I'm usually away from my screen for about 100-150 cm I can do adjustments since I have a monitor arm , I was wondering should I go for 4k or Ultrawide. The two interesting monitors they have are the following:


1. Monoprice 32in 4K 3840x2160 HDR AMD FreeSync Ultra Slim Desktop Monitor, Gun Metal with Slim Bezel

Link: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=27772


It's hard to believe that it would be G-sync compatible, at least I didn't find any review that tested this out, the HDR feature seems very compelling but what I saw from reviews online it only works through HDMI 2 and doesn't work through the Display Port that I want to use, so it seems it's mostly aimed towards console users for ps4pro and xbox.


Price for this monitor is 400 USD with free shipping to Ireland which is a plus.


2. Monoprice MP 35in Zero-G Curved FreeSync 100Hz 1440p UWQHD Monitor


Link: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=31005


This monitor seems huge and I don't know if this is true that it uses panels from AOC monitors which I believe have a good reputation. Also I read on some online reviews that it can be overcloked to 120 HZ which is also great. But my worry is since i have an nvidia gpu would you consider this futureproof, lets say if in 2-3 years i can't run games over 100 FPS would I experience tearing then?


The price for this is 449 USD with free shipping to Ireland, so it's only 50USD more expensive then the 4k option.


Has anyone tested this out yet? I would appreciate any feedback on these monitors or possible alternatives, I am mostly looking for 32 inch or 34-35 inch. Still not sure should I go 4k or 1440p ultrawide since I mostly play Moba games, WOW, however I do play shooters just not competitive mostly casual. Personally I have never seen a screen that is 4k or even an ultrawide, always had a 1080p monitor with 60 HZ.


Thanks everyone for the help :)

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I was literally looking this up just now, and asking the same questions.


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