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Can I play the division 2 on ultra?

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Posted · Original PosterOP



So I've recently bought the XFX RX 590 and as you all know, you now get a few games for free. The Division 2 is one of them.

I'm hyped ofcourse, but my question is, can I play this on ultra?


I have 16 gigs of ram, an i7 6700 (cpu) and an RX 590 (gfx).

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Posted · Original PosterOP
52 minutes ago, Slottr said:

What resolution? 1080p?


51 minutes ago, fuzz0r said:


Some reading for you.

Depends on your resolution.

Forgot to mention, I play on 1080p 60hz, would like to upgrade to 144hz some time. I don't care so much about FPS. As long as it's above 50 and playable, I'm happy.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

That site says that I would be able to play it on high on 1440p. I'm gaming at 1080p, I don't have the k version from my cpu. So technically I shouls be able to, but I wonder then if I can play it on ultra.

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