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Ryzen 3000 Chiplet Socket

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9 hours ago, Stefan Payne said:

Because the Market is too small as too many people still buy the totally overpriced Intel crap with Toothpaste between the Lid and the Die.

But there are a couple "2nd Gen Threadripper" Boards, they aren't just as mentioned as the other side...


And there's Ryzen 3000 series wich requires new Boards anyway because PCIe 4.0...


Ya true that. Who knows though, Ryzen 3000 may not even get PCIE 4.0 on the mobos. I know Ryzen 3000 will have the first CPUs to support the new PCIE 4.0 standard but that doesn't necessarily mean we need 4.0 yet. Also, if Im remembering correctly, there was an article a while back that stated PCIE 4.0 was still a couple years out anyways and that even today we are not coming anywhere even close to maxing out PCIE 3.0 bandwith, we havent even maxed out 2.0 yet!

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