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    Musician, Techie, Scholar, Gentleman
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    Gaming, writing and producing music, Learning about technology etc etc.
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    Web Administrator for Kerrwil


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    Intel Core i7 4790k
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    MSI z97 SLI Krait Edition
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    16gb Kingston Hyper X DDR3 White
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    Asus Strix GTX 980 4gb
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    Raidmax Seiran Blue/White edition
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    Seagate Barracuda 7200 1tb, Crucial 240gb SSD
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    Rosewill Capstone 80+ Gold 750w
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    Acer G257HU 1440p 25", LG 1050p
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    Corsair H80i Liquid Cooler
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    Razer Deathstalker
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    Razer Naga Hex
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    Rainbow Water Speakers, Hyper X Cloud Headset
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    Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)

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  1. Adreyu

    really a resource monster?

    Your PC will be more than fine to play star citizen. currently when you are playing by yourself in an underpopulated area it actually runs pretty well, because we have OCS (Object Container Streaming) on client side. We are supposed to get server side OCS in the next big December update which should further increase performance in resource heavy zones. The game actually runs pretty well, its just the servers that are struggling to keep up currently. Keep in mind though, you are buying current gen hardware for a game who's soft release date is probably in or past 2021. Also SSD is a must for this game.
  2. Hey Guys, First of all I want to say thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Now, I bought a 1070 ti recently to replace my Strix 980, I put the new card in the computer and played on it for a while after I got it. My plan was to sell the 980 to recoup some of the cost, I found the 1070 ti for like 400 CAD on the used market and I was selling the 980 for 280 CAD so I wasn't losing much in the transition. After playing on my new 1070 ti I went to go put the gtx 980 back in, as a had a buyer lined up for the next day and I wanted him to be able to test it, so I threw it back in my PC and Geforce experience told me to update drivers. So I did. Then when it was done I opened up AC origins to make sure it was performing as expected, when suddenly- *BEEEEEEIIIIOOOooooo*. The screen goes black. I tried restarting, and it gives me a bit of the Bios screen, then it goes black and the monitor loses signal. I tried putting my other gpu back in to uninstall and reinstall drivers and try again, same problem. So my question I guess has to be: Is there something to be done about this? or do I just eat the loss? It seems like an awfully strange coincidence that it would die RIGHT then. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 Deepcool Captain 240ex RGB Asus Strix B450-f Gaming Motherboard 2x8 16gb G.Skill Trident Z 3000mhz Samsung 860 EVO 500gb SSD Crucial 240gb SSD Western Digital 1tb 7200rpm GTX 980 Strix and GTX 1070 ti Duke Phanteks Eclipse P400S Rosewill Capstone 750w 80+ Gold PSU
  3. Adreyu

    The Next step in Upgrading?

    You might just try and sell that system for whatever you can and go with something a little newer with whatever money you have for the upgrade. something like this seem doable? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xcjmmq
  4. You might be fine for like... League of legends. but you would still probably want to have more ram. The SSD would breathe some life into it, but you would definitely feel the weight of that CPU holding you down. Don't expect to run newer games on anything but low or medium. Maybe not even.
  5. Adreyu

    Upgrading from a i5 4670k?

    If you play a lot of titles like AC Origins, FFXV, Witcher 3, Battlefield One Etc. You should look into moving to like a ryzen 1600 or 2600. That card wont be able to stretch its legs if you play a lot of core heavy games. Even if you don't now, we are sort of in the core wars, and I expect things to pick up on multithreading a lot more.
  6. Adreyu

    New gpu suggestion!

    I have had a gtx 970 and i donated it to a friend after I used it for a year and it lasted about 2 more years then conked out. So I would say the cheapest ones are still probably reasonable GPU's but if you can spring for like on of those gigabyte or EVGA ones I would definitely recommend it. Plus RGB (if you care about that). a gtx 1060 6gb is perfect for 1080p right now. and especially if you arent going to be buying bleeding edge titles a lot it should last you a few years.
  7. Adreyu

    New gpu suggestion!

    What is your budget ? what country are you from? what resolution do you play at? I would generally suggest a gtx 1060 6gb or an RX 580 8gb (If you can find one). That extra vram is becoming fairly important if you are going to end up playing newer games at any point.
  8. Adreyu

    Is this game dead?

    The sheer number of people giving their opinions with no idea about the game on this thread is astounding. Listen to Abyss.
  9. Adreyu

    Star Citizen and Org End of Year Update

    Well at least I will have a few tatters of my once grande squadron lol
  10. For both gaming and video editing the i7 3770 is the best choice, no contest. There are people who will say that an i5 is enough. I disagree at this point even for gaming. Look at witcher 3, Grand theft auto 5, assassin's creed origins... Basically any game that is starting to really look to the future for how A.I. and Physics work, is going to start really hitting those extra threads. Then there is nothing but benefit when using an i7 over those other cpu's in video editing. The extra cores will take a good chunk of time off of your edits. Ideally, it would be better if you could sell your components and put that towards getting a newer platform that is affordable like ryzen. But I recommend the i7 for sure if you are unable to do that.
  11. So I went to go to PC part picker and go through it myself to walk you through the process. I find out Immediately your problem. I guess the Manually enter part button seems to be removed lol? Because I agree, I did this just the other day when I was throwing together a scrapyard build for fun. Maybe its just temporary. Ill look more into it. Edit: "We had a pretty bad spam attack the last few days that was using custom parts as their spam vector. The short term solution was to remove the feature, but we hope to get it back in soon. We’ll prioritize supporting the EKWB store in the meantime." That's from their twitter. It does appear to be temporary so just give it a little while.
  12. I would almost say move down to a r3 1200, overclock it. and get a better graphics card with the money you save. gtx 1060 even 3gb or rx 580 4gb would be a huge jump in performance.
  13. Adreyu

    120Hz greater than 144Hz

    Not to highjack this, but that avatar is AWESOME. I would love to see a different version of the same thing with like a Vincent Valentine type cape. Also I would say you are both right honestly. G-sync would benefit from the extra headroom, but in the niche he is talking about 120hz does seem to have a mathematical advantage. Plus its easier on your system to reach.
  14. The requirements are rarely ever accurate or letting you know what frame rate they expect you will be playing at on certain settings. I would say looking at videos would be a better option.
  15. Adreyu

    Question about the space snow

    We don't really have those kind of graphical settings yet. But you can be assured that being a PC game, Star Citizen will eventually have a graphics menu with aaaaall of the options. Aside from like Nvidia stuff.